If you have bahia grass or pasture grass, which is more hardy and less susceptible to pests and fungus than a turf grass, this can be mowed short but no less than 1 1/2". This grass will continue to grow throughout the year, depending on the amount of water supplied.  It will brown up during the cold, winter months but will recover nicely when the weather becomes warm again.  During the rainy season, it is recommended to mow once a week.  During the winter months, mow as needed for cosmetic purposes. This grass should be fertilized 2-3 x a year. 

If you have a turf grass, this does not need to be mowed too short or too frequently, especially in the dormant months which are October through April.  This will cause the grass to stress and also allows the weeds and pests to begin their infestation. If you are noticing these symptoms in your lawn, please exterminate the pests and raise your mower blades so that the blade of grass is no less than 4" tall. Depending on the rainy season, during the growing months of April through October, the lawn will need to mowed approximately once a week. And, it is recommended that the clippings be bagged and not allowed to drop on the lawn, as this encourages fungus growth as well as thatch.  This grass should be fertilized 2-3 x a year.

For further information about your particular turf grass and care instructions, please visit the website at  http://hillsborough_fyn.ifas.ufl.edu/ . Then click on "Choosing a Turfgrass for Florida Lawns."

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